Saturday, March 31, 2012

oh to be a kid...

as our family just celebrated birthdays from ages 3-69....i'm reminded of the journey of life. we usually go to my older sister's house, who lives in orange county. she has 2 sweet boys that are growing like weeds and now are in the teens!!! i used to rock them to sleep at night and change their diapers- talk about getting old, geez! my younger sister has 2 kiddos, one who just turned 6!! do you remember being 6? she's this adorable, sweet, creative and loveable little girl. her other one is going to turn 3 in june, i feel like he was just born. He gets cuter and sweeter by the minute! well, my daughter, who just turned 3, adores her cousins!! she would want to spend everyday with them if she could, and to be honest, i love watching them interact, play and listen to the way they talk to eachother. children have such a sweet innocence about them. they are so pure and honest and don't care what other people think. i love this part of life before they really understand the word judgement & they just play with their friends without a care in the world. they don't care if it's dark outside to go play or if they eat jello for dinner. it's the innocence and purity i'm talking about. this is the age when they are all friends & popularity doesn't exsist, it's where they smile & laugh about everything- even when they are in trouble ;) there's just this sweetness about them that melts your heart!

oh to be a kid...

...not a care in the world!

my nephew in the backgound, my niece, my daughter and my nephew on the right who is saying, "hi!."

pure cuteness!

so happy just blowing bubbles!!