Monday, January 2, 2012

"watch parade with me"

i just got up to let the dog back in because of course he's barking to come inside. then i realize he has no water & he'll wine to me after i sit down, & will not stop until he's satisfied. as i'm filling up his bowl i hear a little voice in the other room. her voice is muffled because of her chest congestion and filled nose. i walk back in the living room and she says to me, "watch parade with me."
the rose parade is not just a parade that comes on every year or just something fun to go see with friends & family. to me the rose parade represents a part of my childhood. when i was a kid i would spend all the holidays with my grandma, every summer vacation and even birthdays. it was the times i cherished the most growing up. my grandma was everything to me. i cherish all my memories with her, including watching the rose parade. it was our time we spend together eating breakfast and watching the beautiful floats, together.
and now, every year, i hope to continue the tradition with my daughter. kylie is almost three, full of love and excitement about everything life has to offer. she's the sweetest and continues to amaze me everyday.
happy new year!!!

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