Friday, January 6, 2012


when i was a kid my best friend and i would do pretty much everything together. we'd go to the park and dig in the sand, play "house" & barbies. we'd have sleep overs and make up dances. we'd even go to church together. on wednesday nights is when we'd go to AWANA's. we'd play games, have relay races, sing & learn about Jesus. every week there was a memory verse we had to memorize and tell our leader in order to get our book signed off. i remember the very first verse i ever memorized:

"i can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

a young girl named jessica joy rees, who i have never met, recently lost her battle to a brain tumor. she was 12 years old. from reading her blog, her facebook & the articles written about her, she was an amazing, strong, loving and passionate young girl. she is a young girl who could teach any one of us about life, courage, love and never giving up on who we are, fighting for what we want in life & what we believe. jessica, what her loved ones called her, jessie, has her wings in heaven now. she taught us all to NEVER EVER GIVE UP! i think her middle name was joy for a reason, she brought joy to others through her spirit, love & life!  jessica's mother had NEGU & Philippians 4:13 tattooed on her ankle, which represents her daughter and what she was about. jessica believed she could do anything through Christ, i believe this was her strength. only a few days before she died, jessica was writing inspiring posts & asking for prayers for other kids who found out they had cancer. at the same time she was losing her sight, hearing and strength.
how strong! how faithful! what strength! what a role model! such love! such joy!
jessica chose to fight & be joyful through her journey.
how will you spend your journey?

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