Sunday, January 15, 2012

what will you choose??

My mind gets so caught up in everything sometimes. It wants to be everywhere all the time and so involved. My life right now is pretty perfect, not bragging, but I just feel extremely blessed & loved. I have an amazing, supportive & loving husband who’d do anything for me- including let me stay home with our daughter. I get to spend everyday with our daughter, who amazes me ever day. I wish I had as much energy as she does. She doesn’t even know she has a choice everyday to be happy and to choose to be joyful and loving; she just does it everyday without hesitation. She melts my heart when she says things like, “guess what mommy?? I love you!!” really?? I mean you are two! Maybe because she’s my daughter, those of you who know me well know how emotional I can be, or simply because she’s a girl, but she takes so much to heart. She notices when you are sad, or when you are crying, or if you are happy, or upset, or even disappointed; and she is genuinely concerned. She’ll put her hand on yours & lean her head down to look up at you and say, “okay??“ She notices details, things I sometimes do not even notice and remembers things from months ago that I didn’t even know she knew.
I was looking over pictures today on my computer, trying to clean up my files. Of course I have like a zillion pictures of Kylie. I stare at them & think about how little she was & how much life has changed since she’s grown. When you become a mother, you change so much inside. You see life differently & feel so much more, if that’s even possible for me, haha!!
Last week we celebrated my husbands grandmother’s birthday. She turned 80 this year!! What an amazing life she has to tell. When we spend time with his grandparents they tell us the best stories. They both have the best memories. His grandpa (who I believe is 83) starts out stories like this, “Well Travis, I remember back in 1978...” and he’ll tell you every detail, the year, the time, who was there & exactly what was said. They amaze me! Both are such amazing, loving & Christ like people.
As I think about life, from one generation to the next, it reminds me that no matter how old you are or what your background is, you have a choice. A choice about who you want to be, how you love, your attitude, what you eat, how you react, what you do in your spare time, to follow your heart & dreams, to laugh or scowl. There are so many choices in life. I choose joy, what will you choose??

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